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March - The Launch Update

March Update
Alright! It's time for THE update! The big one, let's go, let's go! is OFFICIALLY FEATURE COMPLETE! It features not only all the episodes up till now, delightfully organized and ready to view, WITH A COMMENT SECTION! WOW! But a variety of extra tabs and goodies to take a look at! Since you're already here, look around! Check out the RSS Feed, the Fanart Page, and so on!
And all of this wrapped up in DELICIOUS Web1 flavor! Who needs fancy shmancy stuff when you've got some HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript! All of this was made possible by thee's a great person, and helped me out immensely. I don't think Chromaverse would at all be as good as it was without them!


I'm gonna stop being active on Tumblr, it sucks. After the CEO's Car Hammer meltdown, I can no longer stand to be on here, to be on a place so hostile to transwomen. I'm moving all operations on tumblr over to So that's where I'll be, Cohost and Newgrounds for the most part.

Far Travelers

Now this is where it gets big.
Far Travelers now has an OFFICIAL Upload Schedule!
A new episode will be released the SECOND MONDAY of every month! So a monthly episode! No longer will we deal with droughts of pages, with episodes flapping in the wind! No, there will be regularity!
With Regularity I'll be able to more focus my creation. I won't crunch, of course, so if an episode comes out a day or a week late or if a Hiatus is needed, I'll be sure to alert ya'll immediately. But for the forseeable future, this is the path Far Travelers is taking into the future.
A true to life Launch is always going to be a bit scary, putting myself out there and setting myself up for something. Really saying "This is what it is" and devoting myself to it. The original launch of Far Travelers last year felt like this, and I feel that way again, unsure of whether I can do this. But I want to, and I hope you all stick around for it.