About Chroma

The Storyteller

Hi there! My name is Modstin Pierce. You can call me Vivian, Modstin, Mod, Viv, whatever. I like to consider myself a storyteller! I create worlds, I craft heroes and tales. It's what I've done since I was very small, it's what I've always felt passionate about doing. And that's what this place is for, it's for the stories I want to tell. And if you're here, I'm so happy you want to hear them.
Oh, and the pink girl and the orange imp you'll see around here are Zalgen and Pibbie! They're sort of my mascots. Aren't they cute? I don't really have an artsona or anything, so usually you'll be seeing them hanging around for updates and such.

What is Chromaverse?

The Chromaverse is a sort of fantasy setting! I've had Mira, its main setting, in some form or another for years and years, ever since I was a wee baby boy! Over the course of a few years of RPGing with a few of my very best friends, and quite a lot of reading, the setting became ready to be put to use.
Chromaverse' gimmick so to speak is in the name, 'Chroma'! It's a kind of magic system I made based around six colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. I could go on for hours about their philosophies and power sets, but you can find that out yourself by reading! For now, just think of it as an Energy Source that's used to perform extraordinary things, like magic or feats of incredible heroic athleticism, that sort of thing.
Other than that, it's a heroic adventure setting! The kind of setting you could reasonably run an RPG Game in (keep an eye out for the Chroma Legend RPG system I made, hehe!). What I wanted most of all, though, was a new take on certain ideas in fantasy. I wanted a new angle... and so, I chose America! For Wurlskar, which is where most of my stories take place, is an Americana Fantasy setting! What this REALLY means will become clearer as I write more stories in it, so make sure to read on!

Why Chromaverse.net?

I wasn't sure about having my own website, away from social media. But, I've come to really grow bitter on the state of most social media and comics platforms. They're useful, sure, but are built mainly to serve advertisers. And I looked at them, and I said "This isn't fun! This isn't nice to look at!" And then I looked at classic websites, websites around my time (I'm a late millenial early zoomer, y'know, mid 2000's kid) and said "That's what I want!"
This website is the culmination of my creative efforts. From the art of my comics to the words of my stories. I hope you like hanging around here!

Final Words

You should go check out the rest of my website! Read the comics that are up already, and maybe check the RSS Feed or the Discord to keep up to date.
Above all, I just hope you enjoy my stories, and I hope you stick around to hear more of them. Thank you.